Snorkelling With Seals (Boat)

The Cape Fur Seals are a must-see for any ocean or animal enthusiasts coming to Cape Town, as they are incredibly playful and interactive in the water, coming right up to our snorkelers to show off their effortless underwater acrobatics. They are a highly inquisitive species, and will often venture close enough to nibble on your fins as they try to entice you to play!

The Duiker Island seal colony is Cape Town's largest, and with a shallow depth you can see the full area the seals inhabit, even from the surface! This is where we'll take you for your snorkelling, and with a 90% chance of seeing them in the water, and the chance of seeing up to 50 in the water at any one time, you will have one of the most incredible experiences you could possibly imagine!

During late November-mid January the female seals give birth to their pups, so during this time our snorkellers are entertained not just by the larger adults, but by the smaller, more clumsy creatures, which start of shy but gradually begin to trust our divers and venture closer and closer each time they meet us! Seal snorkelling is an experience in Cape Town you cannot miss, so bring your waterproof camera and capture the memories forever!


Meet at Shop: Time as per your booking - we complete paperwork and pack gear

Head to Hout Bay Harbour: 30 Minutes

Briefing and Kitting Up: 30 Minutes

Seal Snorkelling: ABout 1 1/2 Hours total (including boat trip of +/-10 mins one way)

Dekitting and heading back to Cape Town: About 1 Hour

What's included

Equipment Rental

What's excluded

Refreshments & Snacks

Fitness level

Must be able to board speed boat and ride on speed boat

Skill level

Must be able to swim

What to bring

Swimming clothes
Sun Screen

What to wear

Swimming clothes for under wetsuit

Departure point

88 Main Road Sea Point

Return point

88 Main Road Sea Point

Cancellation policy

Full refund if cancellation happens a minimum of 48 hours before activity commences.
No refunds will be given with less than 48 hours’ notice.


To participate, you need to be able to swim
No refunds will be given to snorkellers not able to dive due to ear problems, sea sickness, or other reasons of their own on the day.
If we unable to take you snorkelling due to ocean conditions, or reasons on our part, we will refund you in full.
If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for a booking, the rest of the group will go on to proceed with their dives. There will be no refund to you in this case.
While we take utmost care to evaluate snorkelling and ocean conditions for safe snorkelling, it remains your responsibility to decide if you are comfortable to participate with the activity or not. We recommend that you do not get into the water if you feel uncomfortable. Only snorkel in conditions which fits your own physical ability in the water.
• If you are sick on the day, please do not snorkel, for your own safety.
• We provide an optional free of charge pick-up service in the Cape Town city centre area.
• Pick-ups from hotels must be arranged in advance
• We reserve the right to decide whether your specific location is close enough for a pick-up or not.
• If you booked a pick-up with us, please be ready in the lobby of the hotel at the appointed time.

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   Admin Office Fall 18

14 October, 2018
Incredible experience for a very fair price! It was great to see the shop's owner himself greeting us at our 5:45 check in and we all felt safe and cared for throughout our entire day. A very personalized itinerary that was perfect for our group of 5 and exceeded all expectations! Thank you!
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   Viktoria Urbanek

9 February, 2019
Enjoyed scuba diving with them a lot! They are perfectly organised on land, just a bit messy in the water due to large groups and poor visibility. Would dive with them again though!
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   Maxime Frydman

7 March, 2019
Was really excited to try diving with seals, and I must say it was everything I expected it to be. The seals are so playful and fun, our guide Connor was really amazing and let us explore without any rush. Came with my wife which is a novice diver and a bit nervous because the condition are different then back home. The temperature actually wasn't cold and they took really good care of her, we loved it. I've dived quite a bit around the world but the seals was definitely one of the most magical experiences!
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   Candace Hoagland

30 December, 2018
Fantastic dive experience. The team was excellent with our whole family, they knew the best dive options given our interests and the winds/weather. So impressed they took the time to point out tons of wildlife to and from the sites. Outstanding service, a truly an amazing day ! Thank you!
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   Joshua Knapp

7 February, 2019
I had a really amazing experience diving with into the blue team. The guides are very professional and all have a great positive vibe that made the diving all the more special. The office was able to organize a unique 5 day diving trip catered to my interests (wrecks, seals, night, kelp and sharks). Also, they did a great and timely service for my personal BCD at a reasonable price. I hope to come back and dive with them during the sardine run. Thanks again and all the best! 🙂
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